2PEAK Functions

Create and add your own Training to the 2PEAK Plan

The great advantage of an AI-based training plan such as the one from 2PEAK is that the training sessions provided are always optimally adapted to your goals and the workouts you have completed. However, there are instances that 2PEAK cannot anticipate and in which it makes sense to create a training plan manually. We will show you how this works.

Even with the best possible planning, everyday life can get in the way from time to time. For example, if you arrange to meet someone for a sporting activity even though this day was actually planned as a training-free day. Or if a time gap suddenly and unexpectedly opens up in your diary that you want to use for additional training. In such cases, you have two options: You simply record the activity on that day and load the additional session into the plan afterwards, or you create a workout in advance to schedule the activity in. The advantage of the second option is that the training plan adapts to the planned activity in advance.

How to add a single workout in 2PEAK App

Click on the three dots “…” in the top right-hand corner of the app to open the menu. Then select the second lowest icon with the [+] symbol.

This will open a page where you can enter the planned training type, duration and intensity.

  • Sport: Choose between different types of sport
  • Load: Define whether it is an endurance run, intervals or a recovery run. If the “Intervals” option is selected, the interval training can be precisely defined in the next step (see below).
  • Duration: Define how long the training should last.

Also, define the desired time for the training and confirm the setting by clicking on “Save”.

Tip: by selecting a time in the past, you can manually add to your plan a training session that has already been completed.

Adding an interval training session

Proceed as described above to add an interval training session to your plan. If you want to create an interval training session to be performed, select a date in the future or deactivate the “Done” field at the bottom of the overview if you want to add the training session for today.

If your intention is to create a completed interval training session for documentation purposes, select a date in the past or tick the “Done” box.

After entering the general conditions and clicking on “Create interval”, you will be taken to the page where you can define the exact parameters of the training.

The following parameters can be set:

  • Warm-up: Here you specify how long your warm-up should be.
  • Number of repetitions within an interval block (REPS): Define how many loads you want to do within a block, e.g. 3 x X minutes in Z4.
  • Workload time of the repetition (WORK): Here you define how long the workload times should be within an interval block. In the example above, this would be X minutes.
  • Exercise intensity (Z1-Z5): Select the zone in which you want to perform the exercise.
  • Pause within an interval block: Define how long the break is between the individual efforts within an interval block. In the example above, this is the length of the two breaks between the 3 x X minutes in Z4.
  • Interval blocks: By default, a training block with 3 loads is displayed. If you want to add several blocks, click on the “+” symbol below the first block. This allows you to create a workout in the form of 3 x X minutes in Z4 & 2 x Y minutes in Z5.
  • Series break (PAUSE BETWEEN): Determine how long the break between the interval blocks should be.
  • Cooldown: Define how long your cooldown should be after performing all loads and all interval blocks.

Click on “Save” to save the interval training session you have created in the plan.


With these simple steps, you can easily integrate manual training sessions into your 2PEAK plan. An important aspect of training is adapting to the uncertainties of life, and with 2PEAK you have the ideal tool to make these adjustments seamlessly and effectively.

Create an AI-based training plan for triathlon, cycling and running with 2PEAK that adapts to your performance after each training session. Download the app and start revolutionizing your training.