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7 Mistakes in Goal Setting

No matter what level of athlete you are, setting goals is important. Setting a goal gives you something to reach for and a clear focus in training. Goals vary greatly between individuals but it is important for everyone to have them. However, many athletes make mistakes when setting their goals. Here are the 7 most common mistakes in goal setting and how to avoid them.

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What is the “Open Window” phenomenon?

Exercise is healthy and strengthens the body. But in the short term, the immune system is weakened after a hard workout and needs to recover. That’s something to keep in mind.

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Improving Mental Toughness

An often underestimated part of an athletes’ performance is mental toughness. People spend hours training to be physically fit for their race, but very little time focused on improving mental toughness. This however can have an equally important influence on performance.

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How to keep healthy routines during the holidays?

During the month of December, we tend to consume more food and drinks than usual. Also, during the holidays we tend to put aside our exercise routine to spend time with family and friends, devote more time to leisure and eat carelessly, which translates into a significant weight increase.

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How can taping be beneficial?

Tapes are a good complement to other therapies. Be it for pain relief, to improve movement patterns or for muscle relaxation.
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What is Critical Power?

2PEAK uses the increasingly popular critical power method to set training zones and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of an athlete. But what is critical power?  Here we simply explain this complex training statistic and how it is utilized in 2PEAK.

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Treadmill running for beginners

You have not run on the treadmill before and would like to try it? Many runners like running outside but have little experience on a treadmill. You should consider the following tips on treadmill running for beginners.

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Guide to Import 2PEAK workouts to Zwift

2PEAK training sessions can seamlessly be added in to your zwift indoor cycling account. You can then select your 2PEAK workout within Zwift and get your planned training session exactly right. Follow these steps to import 2PEAK workouts to Zwift.

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Cold Weather Training

The greater the obstacle, the greater the satisfaction – that’s the simple equation of winter training. Exercise never makes you as happy as when you can step into a hot shower with flushed cheeks after a long training session in the cold. Get out of the warm room – you won’t regret it! From a medical point of view, there is also no reason to stop doing outdoor endurance sports in winter. However, cold, snow, icy wind or slush require certain behavioral measures so that exercising is really fun.
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Benefits of Carbon Shoes

Everyone is still talking about carbon shoes. What are the benefits of carbon shoes for me as a 2-h half marathon runner?