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Training zones and their calculation in 2PEAK

Training zones describe the different intensity ranges in which you can train to achieve specific fitness goals. It is important to know your training zones in order to optimally design your training. In this article, we look at the concept of training zones and how they are calculated in 2PEAK.

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5 mistakes to avoid when defining training zones in triathlon and cycling

To achieve specific results and improve your sporting performance, it is best to know your training zones and then train in the appropriate zone. We show in this article the 5 most frequent mistakes when defining zones and give advice on how to avoid them.

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5 ways to Boost your Immune System

During winter months, it is often hard to defend yourself against seasonal health problems. Colds, sore throats and flu are the most common and unwelcome guests. Yet there are various ways to strengthen the immune system and thus prevent illness. This article explains the importance of a strong immune system and suggests five measures that can help.

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Training with a cold?

When training for a seasonal goal, a cold is rather inconvenient. But there is no point in sticking to a strict training plan. The body needs strength to cope with the infection. Symptoms such as tiredness and weakness must therefore be taken seriously. If you overdo it with your training, you risk serious consequences that require a longer break.

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Strength training in endurance sports: how 2PEAK plans it in your schedule

Strength training can improve physical performance through targeted exercises on the muscles. Endurance training is complemented and supplemented by regular strength training, which increases performance levels and reduces the risk of injury. In this article, we examine the benefits of strength training in endurance sports and show you where to find suitable exercises.

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7 reasons to Run on a Treadmill

Not everyone enjoys indoor training, even though treadmill running has many advantages. Here are 7 reasons to run indoors during the colder months.

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Base training in Endurance sports

For endurance athletes, the winter season usually coincides with the so-called ‘base training’ phase. During this period, we work on the foundations of training in view of the planned main competition. In this article we describe what base training is, why it plays a key role in athletic preparation and how it is integrated by 2PEAK into the training plan.

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Pronation for triathletes

If pronation is excessive, you run the risk of experiencing pain in your feet, knees or spine. You can prevent this problem with the right shoes.

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Spiroergometry and the different Measurements

What is spiroergometry and what is it used for?

This method of measurement helps to answer the following questions:

  • Where do I stand?
  • What are my deficits/talents?
  • What are my training zones (heart rate/watt)?
  • How do I have to adapt my training if necessary?
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Fasting training and weight loss: Truths and Myths

Training on an empty stomach is often presented as a miracle cure for losing weight and increasing performance. But exercise on an empty stomach can only be effective if you do it the right way. Above all, you need to know your optimal intensity range. Many people exercise at too high an intensity. This training method is only moderately effective for losing fat deposits.