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Affiliate insurance of 2PEAK – Discount on your UNLIMITED Subscription

Quevita AG, as the developer of 2PEAK, is the first online fitness company to be certified by QualiCert according to the Online-Safe standard. This means that users living in Switzerland can pay part of the subscription through their supplementary insurance. Normally up to 50 % of the costs are covered. Cost sharing by insurance companies only covers the UNLIMITED subscription.

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How to benefit from Performance Diagnostics

Many triathletes and athletes regularly take performance tests, because performance diagnostics is the basis for individually targeted and effective training. Personal peak performances can be planned in the short and long term as the current performance status can be determined through the sports medical analysis. Repeated testing also provides valuable knowledge about performance development.

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2PEAK Performance Test for Cycling, Running and Swimming

The aim of training is to improve performance. 2PEAK offers you several simple but effective methods to measure your fitness level under real conditions, to be repeated as often as necessary. Here is an overview of the main performance tests offered by 2PEAK for cycling, running and swimming.

2PEAK Functions Knowledge Base

How to plan your season with 2PEAK

2PEAK will always plan an optimal and dynamic training structure according to your needs. But by planning training days and races intelligently, you will support 2PEAK’s optimization efforts.

In order to schedule and execute training sessions in the most effective way, you must first set a goal. Defining a main race, along with preparation and training races, is the key for successful season planning. In this article we explain why and how to do it optimally on 2PEAK.

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Everything you need for your first Ironman

You enjoy running, regularly sit in the saddle and occasionally jump in the pool – so why not aim for the long-term goal of an Ironman with the intention of reaching the finish line in a maximum of 15 hours?

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Briefly explained: Fat and Carbohydrate Metabolism

Two important terms in endurance sports are fat metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism. They are often confused, however. What is the respective meaning?

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What is the benefit of the very easy steady run?

People always say that you should regularly integrate very slow runs into your running training. Does it have a training effect if you don’t have to exert yourself?

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Strength training on the bike

Do you love cycling, want more strength in your legs, but don’t feel like lifting weights in the weight room? Then try low cadence for your next bike workout.

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Correct Amount of Recovery

How quickly the various systems in the body recover completely after a workout or competition varies greatly from individual to individual. Here are the factors you need to consider to get the correct amount of recovery in training.

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Aqua jogging, also known as Deep Water Running is a super winter and injury alternative for runners. One thing to consider is coordination with running workouts.