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Maximize Your Performance with Effective Interval Training

Discover how interval training enhances your performance and why 2PEAK’s approach helps you achieve your training goals and push your limits.

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Effective Season Planning in Cycling and Triathlon: 6 Key Points

Cycling and triathlon are fascinating and demanding disciplines that require careful strategic planning to improve athletic performance. For this reason, we have gathered six key points to consider to successfully plan your cycling and triathlon season.

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Find your Main Competition & Align the Training Accordingly

Planning your competition season early is more than just an organizational step – a large part of your training year will depend on deciding which competitions you want to compete in. Here you can learn how to find the right target competition and align your training accordingly.

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Winter Clothing for Endurance Athletes

Winter can be a challenge for endurance athletes. However, with the right gear, you can continue to train outdoors safely, effectively, and “warmly”. In this article, we will look at clothing strategies for runners, cyclists, and triathletes during the winter season, so that fitness goals are not compromised by the temperatures.

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Tips for Maintaining Fitness and Weight during the Holiday Season

During the holidays, discipline in achieving and maintaining fitness goals is often put to the test. The abundant offering of delicious treats and festive temptations poses a challenge for most of us. Those who manage to find a good balance between indulgence and maintaining a healthy training routine during this time will benefit in the long term.

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Plateau Effect: 7 Ways to Overcome Training Stagnation in Endurance Sports

You train constantly, follow your training plan and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but suddenly you feel like you are no longer progressing in your running, cycling or triathlon training. This situation can be frustrating, but this is a natural phenomenon in the world of sports. All endurance athletes, from beginners to professionals, experience sooner or later a phase of stagnation in their training, also known as the ‘Plateau Effect’. Here are seven effective strategies to overcome this annoying stall in your performance.

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5 Tips for Training Transition from Summer to Autumn

September marks the transition from summer to autumn, a critical phase for triathletes, cyclists and runners preparing for fall competitions. This phase often coincides with the peak of fitness before the target competition. In this article, we provide five valuable tips on how endurance athletes can best cope with this seasonal transition in their training.

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Swimming starts in triathlon

When hundreds or even thousands of neoprene figures plunge into the water at the same time at the start of a triathlon, a lack of space and breath is guaranteed. Here are the best tips.

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The importance of knowing your aerobic-anaerobic threshold

If you know your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, you will train more efficiently and more targeted. If you are stagnating in your training, at the latest, you should deal with this.

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5 mistakes to avoid when defining training zones in triathlon and cycling

To achieve specific results and improve your sporting performance, it is best to know your training zones and then train in the appropriate zone. We show in this article the 5 most frequent mistakes when defining zones and give advice on how to avoid them.