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How to benefit from Performance Diagnostics

Many triathletes and athletes regularly take performance tests, because performance diagnostics is the basis for individually targeted and effective training. Personal peak performances can be planned in the short and long term as the current performance status can be determined through the sports medical analysis. Repeated testing also provides valuable knowledge about performance development.

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Everything you need for your first Ironman

You enjoy running, regularly sit in the saddle and occasionally jump in the pool – so why not aim for the long-term goal of an Ironman with the intention of reaching the finish line in a maximum of 15 hours?

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Base Training in Triathlon

Base training means so much more than working at the base. But what does that mean and how can it be implemented correctly? Tips from ex-professional triathlete Ronnie Schildknecht.

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2PEAK Advantage Meter

Have you ever wondered, how much faster would I be if I lost a certain amount of weight? How much faster would I be if I bought a different bike or improved my threshold power? With the 2PEAK Advantage Meter tool you can see the differences.

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What is Critical Power?

2PEAK uses the increasingly popular critical power method to set training zones and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of an athlete. But what is critical power?  Here we simply explain this complex training statistic and how it is utilized in 2PEAK.

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Painkiller use in cyclists and triathletes: a health risk that should not be underestimated

Quite a few athletes take painkillers either to suppress existing pain or as a preventive measure to avoid feeling pain during a competition. However, uncontrolled use poses a significant health risk.

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Training with Multiple Sports

Training a variety of different sports can improve your overall health and individual performance. Incorporating a wider variety of movement patterns in your training is proven to be beneficial, but how exactly should you do this? The 2PEAK multisport function can help optimize your training in multiple sports.

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Bike Fit Analysis

A good bike fit analysis is all about setting the athlete up perfectly for their training and/or competition requirements.

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How often should you train?

World tour cyclists and professional triathletes famously train as much as 30+ hours per week but what is the right amount of training for us mere mortals. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced athlete, deciding how often should you train can be difficult. There is no one size fits all answer but regardless of experience, here are some of the most important things to consider when determining the volume in your training.

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Automatic Running Training Zones

2PEAK now has a new feature to automatically adjust your running training zones. Whether you train by speed, heart rate, or some other metric your training zones are individual to you and constantly changing based on your fitness. Now 2PEAK can automatically adjust your training zones based on your personal training.