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Do’s & Don’ts for Indoor Cycling Platforms

Indoor cycling and game platforms like Zwift come hand in hand these days. It makes training more fun and can be a valuable tool for all kinds of cyclists. They even have programed workouts and “plans” to increase FTP etc. Here we explain how to best use these platforms in training.

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Automatic Cycling Power Zones

2PEAK is rolling out a beta version of our new feature to automatically adjust your cycling power zones.  When you opt in to this feature in your settings, your training zones will constantly be adjusted based on your workouts automatically. 

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High Intensity Interval Training

Sprints at the maximum performance limit are no walk in the park. But the effect is eye-catching: With high-intensity interval training, endurance athletes can not only become faster, but also increase their endurance.

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Outdoor Cycling in Winter

Most people live in an area where the weather can prevent cyclists from riding part of the year. Bad weather, limited sunlight and poor road conditions can force cyclists inside. However it is possible to stay active outside in the winter and here are some of the important things to consider to overcome the conditions.

Dress appropriately

This tip seems obvious but it is vitally important. If you get wet and cold, your training session is not going to be as enjoyable nor will you get the same benefit. The following articles of clothing can be useful while riding outdoors in winter.

  • Gloves
  • Water proof shoe covers
  • Wind proof jacket
  • Thermal base layer
  • Thermal tights
  • Hats and neck warmers

When choosing your kit, remember that water repellent gear might be better than water proof because water proof clothes can trap in sweat making you actually wetter.


It is always best if you can buy a bike specifically for using in the winter. If you cant get a specific bad weather bike, the following modifications to your bike are useful for riding in bad weather.

  • Wider tires with better grip can give you more traction
  • Fenders keep you and your bike dry on wet roads
  • Heavier components – save the light race gear for the summer
  • Lights – keep you and the road visible


When it is colder and you do not sweat as much you might not be as thirsty as usual. However it is still just as important to stay hydrated in cold weather. You can also consider heating up your drinks before the ride on especially cold days.


Don’t forget to eat. Eating keeps blood sugar stable and which keeps you warm.

Know your route

Make sure you know the road conditions you are riding on. There is already enough danger on a bike especially when riding in the wet, cold or dark conditions. knowing the roads you are riding will help you avoid extra obstacles. It is also wise to avoid long descents where wind chill can be a factor.

Train Indoors

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, it is just better do your training indoors. This can be especially fun with modern equipment and games like Zwift. You can also check out our 5 Essential and Effective Indoor Cycling Training Sessions or 7 Tips for your indoor cycling. If You can not go out, there is no shame in riding inside.

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Drafting Benefit with 10 Meters of Separation

Do you benefit from the drafting off a group at an Ironman even if you stay 10 meters away from other riders?

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Shifting correctly on the bike

Are there any rules for shifting gears at the right moment and riding in the right gear on a road bike?

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7 Tips for your indoor cycling

Whether you are an ambitious cycling competitor or someone just looking to stay healthy or lose weight, indoor cycling training is an excellent option in the fall and winter. It can however be hard to get a good indoor training set up. Other than a bike and trainer or rollers, there are a few things that will make your indoor pain cave as nice as possible.

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5 Essential and Effective Indoor Cycling Training Sessions

Intense indoor trainings are fun and improve your fitness. The 2PEAK training Program not only gets you safely through the winter but also makes you stronger and more versatile.

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Training out of the Saddle

Does it help if you ride standing up for a while every now and then during cycling training?

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Cadence Training for Cyclists

A fast cadence training promises an improvement of your pedaling rotation and an optimized interaction of the different muscle groups.