Optimum Stride Frequency and Length when Running

There are different approaches to achieving the desired running goals. One key element is a well-balanced training program that harmonizes exertion and recovery. Running technique is equally important, particularly stride length and stride frequency, which often raise questions. It therefore makes sense to focus specifically on these aspects.

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How to Improve Your Pedaling Technique!

Numerous studies have shown that an efficient and smooth pedaling motion can considerably reduce muscle fatigue and improve performance. However, such pedaling technique doesn’t come by chance but is the result of years of training. In this article, we present you with some helpful tips to enhance your pedaling technique.


Buying a New Bike: 6 Things to Consider

Given the wide range of options available on the market and the constant development of materials, buying a new bike can be complex for both beginners and experienced cyclists. Here are 6 factors to carefully consider before making a decision.


The Bike Chain: The Art of Maintenance

The bike chain, although small and often overlooked, plays a crucial role in the performance and efficiency of your bike. A well-maintained chain can make the difference between a smooth, efficient ride and a tiring struggle. For cyclists who want to get the most out of their equipment, expert bike chain maintenance is therefore essential.

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Effects of endurance training on the heart

Endurance training is widely recognized for its positive effects on health and well-being. Specifically, its effects on the heart, both in terms of heart performance and biological structure, are of particular scientific interest. This article sheds light on the underlying mechanisms and the resulting benefits of regular endurance training on the heart.

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Back on Track: 5 Tips for Resuming Training after Sickness

Engaging in sports such as cycling, triathlon, and running is an excellent way to maintain both physical and mental health. But what should athletes do when illness forces them to interrupt their regular training routine? Returning to physical activity after a period of illness requires attention and a gradual approach to ensure the well-being of the body. Here are five useful tips for safely resuming training.

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Effective Season Planning in Cycling and Triathlon: 6 Key Points

Cycling and triathlon are fascinating and demanding disciplines that require careful strategic planning to improve athletic performance. For this reason, we have gathered six key points to consider to successfully plan your cycling and triathlon season.

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Find your Main Competition & Align the Training Accordingly

Planning your competition season early is more than just an organizational step – a large part of your training year will depend on deciding which competitions you want to compete in. Here you can learn how to find the right target competition and align your training accordingly.

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Winter Clothing for Endurance Athletes

Winter can be a challenge for endurance athletes. However, with the right gear, you can continue to train outdoors safely, effectively, and “warmly”. In this article, we will look at clothing strategies for runners, cyclists, and triathletes during the winter season, so that fitness goals are not compromised by the temperatures.

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Tips for Maintaining Fitness and Weight during the Holiday Season

During the holidays, discipline in achieving and maintaining fitness goals is often put to the test. The abundant offering of delicious treats and festive temptations poses a challenge for most of us. Those who manage to find a good balance between indulgence and maintaining a healthy training routine during this time will benefit in the long term.