How long should you train to burn off the calories of an ice cream?

Enjoying a delicious ice cream on a hot summer day is undoubtedly a true pleasure. But afterward, the question often arises: how long should I actually run or cycle to burn off the calories of this refreshing treat? In this blog post, we explore this question and look at both running and cycling to give you some insights into the world of calorie burning.

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Muscle cramps: causes, symptoms and treatment

Muscle cramps are painful and often result from muscle overloading or dehydration. However, you can take measures to prevent and relieve these symptoms. Learn how to prevent muscle cramps and stay symptom-free.

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Sun protection and Outdoor sports: 10 Expert Tips

Running and cycling often involve prolonged exposure to the sun, especially in summer. But what is the best way to protect yourself from direct sunlight? In an interview with Prof. Dr. Christian Surber, we had the opportunity to clarify a few points on the subject of sun protection and exercise.

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2PEAK App – the Statistics Page

The main task of 2PEAK is to optimally adapt your training to your individual needs. But in order to strengthen your personal motivation, we also offer you the possibility to analyse your workouts and to graphically illustrate the training effects. For this reason, we would now like to introduce you to the statistics and analysis page of our app.

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Performance losses after training breaks: How quickly does performance drop?

Endurance athletes often face the apprehension of losing their hard-earned fitness during training breaks, whether chosen or involuntary. This concern is partly valid, as research suggests that a decline in fitness can occur after approximately two weeks without training. In this article, explore the concept of detraining, discover the factors that accelerate performance loss, and learn effective methods to mitigate its effects.

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Heat and performance loss: how much do cyclists and triathletes lose?

Summer heat can put a significant strain on our bodies. This is because high temperatures make it harder to achieve training goals and pace targets, as we have to exert more physical effort. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the effects of summer heat on cycling and triathlon performance.

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7 tips to calm nerves before a race

Pre-race anxiety is a widespread feeling among athletes, regardless of experience or sport practiced. The combination of butterflies in the stomach, nervousness and excitement, combined with performance anxiety, usually occurs a few days before the event or at the starting line. There are several ways to manage stress and turn negative agitation into positive energy. Here are seven simple tips.

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Swimming starts in triathlon

When hundreds or even thousands of neoprene figures plunge into the water at the same time at the start of a triathlon, a lack of space and breath is guaranteed. Here are the best tips.

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How to define your training week in 2PEAK

The weekly schedule in 2PEAK is where you set your time budget for training. In combination with your training history and your goals, the specified time slots form the basis for calculating your daily training. Below are some tips on what to look for when creating your weekly schedule.

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6 tips for training on holiday

The racing season for many cyclists and triathletes often coincides with the summer holidays, and a complete break from training is not an option at this time. So how do you maintain your training during the holidays and preserve the hard-won fitness of the previous months? We have put together six tips to answer this question.