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Nutrition for Recovery

The foundation of successful training is a well-balanced combination of stress and recovery. Both can be influenced by nutrition.

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Find the Correct Saddle Height

Seat height is one of the most important things impacting your bicycle fit and efficiency. It is best to have your bike fit professionally measured, but if that is not an option for you, how can you find the correct saddle height?

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Aqua jogging, also known as Deep Water Running is a super winter and injury alternative for runners. One thing to consider is coordination with running workouts.

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What does “functional training” mean in endurance sports?

Following the triumph of “functional training” in the fitness scene, the term has once again become a topic of conversation, not least due to the Corona pandemic. But what does “functional training” mean – and what can endurance athletes learn from it?

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How to Hydrate in Competitions

How much should you drink during the race? When are carbohydrates in the drink useful? And which additives in the sports drink are useful or counterproductive?

Knowledge Base Strength Training

Strength Training for Runners

Everyone needs strength, that’s clear. But should you train strength on the machines, with free weights or with your own body weight? An overview of the different options.

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Springtime Lethargy – what to do?

With the longer days, typical springtime fatigue often makes itself felt from mid-March to mid-April.

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Base Training in Triathlon

Base training means so much more than working at the base. But what does that mean and how can it be implemented correctly? Tips from ex-professional triathlete Ronnie Schildknecht.

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Nutrition during intense endurance exercise

Performance during a long physical effort is dependent not only on your training regimen, but also on whether or not you eat right.

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Improve Your Pedalling Technique

Professional cyclists in the peloton of major races seem to have such a smooth pedal stroke. Ambitious amateurs often ask themselves if this is the secret to their success and if so how can you improve your pedalling technique? Training your pedalling technique might allow you to produce more power, but the answer is more complicated than that.