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Strength training in endurance sports: how 2PEAK plans it in your schedule

Strength training can improve physical performance through targeted exercises on the muscles. Endurance training is complemented and supplemented by regular strength training, which increases performance levels and reduces the risk of injury. In this article, we examine the benefits of strength training in endurance sports and show you where to find suitable exercises.

Why strength training?

Strength training helps to improve performance and prevent injuries. On the one hand, it can strengthen muscles, which leads to greater efficiency in performing sports movements, and on the other hand, it can help reduce the risk of injury, as strong muscles stabilise joints. Furthermore, strength training can also reduce recovery time after exercise and increase physical performance. In short, strength training in endurance sports is a key component of a comprehensive training programme.

Should maximal strength be included in training?

For endurance athletes, it is not absolutely necessary to train maximal strength. However, it can be beneficial. Focusing on increasing maximal strength can enhance overall muscle strength and performance, which in turn can prevent injuries. However, it is important to note that strength training in endurance sports should primarily be aimed at improving the functionality and efficiency of movements rather than increasing maximal strength. Balanced strength training that improves maximal strength, endurance and coordination is therefore very useful.

When and how often should strength training be done?

Strength training can be integrated into the training programme throughout the year. However, during the peak season, strength training can be modified or reduced to focus on endurance training.

The frequency of strength training depends on many factors. These include fitness level, individual goals and the body’s ability to withstand stress. The general recommendation is 2 to a maximum of 3 strength training sessions per week, ideally on days when intensive resistance training is not planned. It is also important to note that strength training must be adapted to avoid overload and allow sufficient time for regeneration. 2PEAK takes care of the planning and automatically adapts the strength training to your needs.

Strength training in 2PEAK

With 2PEAK, strength training can be integrated into your weekly programme. This means that 2PEAK includes strength training at predefined times, so that it is coordinated with your other training sessions.

Here’s how to proceed:

  • Click on Plans and then on Adjust schedule

  • Select the desired day for strength training and the maximum load duration for the training.
  • After recalculating the schedule, the sessions will be displayed in the calendar.

Strength exercises for endurance athletes

The requirements for strength training vary depending on the type of sport. For more specific tips and exercises for each sport, please refer to the following links: