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2PEAK Training Meter

Are you on target? Are you training specifically enough to reach your goal? With this simple analysis we give you an overview on the quality of your workouts based on the 3 essential components of your endurance fitness (Potential/VO2max, Potential utilization and resistance).

training meter

First we show you how many of your planned workouts you have logged over the last 60 days. Of course the more of your workouts are logged by uploading real data the more accurate the analysis of your ‘Dirty Training Index’ will be. We define Dirty Training, those workouts in which time is spent all over the zones without keeping in any given zone long enough to create a sufficient physiological stimulus. You should aim to keep this value as low as possible. The absolute value is not very important as long as you keep moving towards reducing it.

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In the Training Target Meter we are comparing your training load (NOT TIME) to what your goal profile (listed at the top of the page) demands. The goal profile is colored green while your actual training load over the last 60 days is profiled in yellow. We do include workouts logged manually or using data upload. Of course, real data will result in a more reliable picture.

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Differences are highlighted in the Target representation. Action is needed in case you see one of the 3 darts being off target meaningfully. In this case all you have to do is attempt to follow your proposed plan closer which will get you closer to the target automatically. Keep in mind that deviations from your target become more relevant the closer you get to your goal. Outside 3 months you can relax more.

If you see a meaningful deviation regarding your VO2max/Potential score, you should focus on executing your intervals in Z4-high (shorter Z4 intervals at the upper end of Z4) and Z5.

Deviations in resistance point to a insufficient execution of your Z4-low and Z3 intensities.

While potential utilization is affected by spending time in the middle to high Z2 (the lower end of Z2 is relatively ineffective unless you spend a LOT of time there)

If you click on ‘Details’ you see how your training load is spread over the 8 differentiated training zones we use in the background and how much of your energy has been ‘wasted’ in unstructured (‘dirty’) training which we call Zx. Multisport athletes will see this view separated in disciplines.