2PEAK Functions Knowledge Base

2PEAK “Social” Feature

We have features here at 2PEAK, which get used less than others. We’d like to create some awareness of the 2PEAK Social Feature, which you should definitely try out, if you’re fed up with training for hours all by yourself or you can’t find any good raining routes in new places.

When you log into your 2PEAK account, you can see a menu bar at the top of your page. Underneath it, there’s a field which is labelled “Social”. By clicking on the small arrow, different options open up. You can chose Instagram, Facebook or Google Plus and you’ll get redirected to our personal Social Media page (please like and follow, to stay up to date). If you chose the option “Friends”, we give you the possibility to invite or search for friends in our 2PEAK System.

Invite friends

You have friends, who don’t have 2PEAK yet, but you know, that they need a good training program or you simply feel like, they would feel just as comfortable with 2PEAK as you do, then you can invite those friends to 2PEAK. All you have to do, is fill out the pre written form and send it. The text can be changed any time, if you want to write something different. Not only your friends but als you can profit from this. You receive 2’000 loyalty points (= 20 Euro) for every friend that purchases a 2PEAK plan. The 20 Euros will be deducted from your own, next 2PEAK plan purchase.

Find friends

You already have friends on 2PEAK, which train with us? You can enter their last name or ideally their Email address here to link with them. If that other athlete is known in our system, they will get notified by us. And if the other person is also interested in linking with you, they will give you the permission to see their plan (they can also see your plan). This right, can be reversed any time. On the map below, you can see athletes which are in your region / close to you at the moment, which you can contact , if they give you the permission to. This can be helpful especially if you’re travelling and are looking for new training routes.

Our Social Feature is mainly meant to further motivate you. Because it’s always more fun to train together, rather than alone. Finding new routes also helps when you feel like your new surroundings are kind of hard to train in.

We hope you have lots of fun by trying out this 2PEAK feature and finding new friends.
In case you have any questions, we’re always there to help.