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Outdoor Training in Inclement Weather

How sensible is it to go running in wet weather conditions and sub-zero temperatures?

Avoid high-intensity sessions

Whether outdoor or indoor training is in order in winter depends not only on the weather conditions, but also on motivation, the type of training in question and, of course, the clothing. From a health point of view, outdoor training is possible even in sub-zero temperatures without any problems, if it is not a high-intensity interval session. It is important that you adapt both intensity and clothing to the changing temperatures.

A multi-layer principle has proven itself, so it is better to combine several thin layers than to put on a thick jacket. Special care should be taken with the combination of cold and wind (wind chill), where we subjectively perceive the cold as much worse. Also, make sure you drink adequate fluids (6-9 dl per hour), even if you feel you are sweating much less. Cold weather is just as likely to cause dehydration as warmer days. When it rains, a waterproof rain jacket is usually the wrong choice for running, because running is so movement-intensive that sweat cannot be sufficiently removed by waterproof jackets. Therefore, a water-repellent but permeable jacket is enough for protection.

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