2PEAK Functions Knowledge Base

19 Years of 2PEAK

2PEAK was the first online training program developed to be personal and dynamically adapt to your needs after each training session. Through the years 2PEAK has developed further and is still the best dynamic training plan system. Here is a bit of how 2PEAK has developed in the last 19 years.


2PEAK began 19 years ago. We started by developing online cycling plans that adapted to your specific needs. Later in this same year, we were able to expand this planning system to add running training plans.


The next step was developing the technology to create training plans for triathletes that need to train swimming, cycling and running all together in a particular way.


After developing the technology to create dynamic training plans, we were also able to add plans for other endurance sports like XC skiing. Additionally, we were able to develop the ability to add in training for multiple other sports. Today, there are more than 20 multisport options you can add to your training log.


In 2008 we were able to develop the battery to measure your training. These battery improvements we made allow athletes to give feedback as to their actual recovery status, which can help personalise your training.


Now we already had personal dynamic training plans available, but continued to develop the functionality of all of the many training features and analysis tools available to 2PEAK athletes.


There was a major overhaul of the way that the website and plan look for users. Most of all, we changed how the calendar looks and some of the most used analysis tools.


2PEAK launched the first version of our training apps on both iOS and Android. Development of these apps has continued from this point until today. We are constantly making changes in the app to address bugs or add features to help give 2PEAK users the best experience.


We added even more analysis tools including the training meter that helps you ensure that your individual training sessions, as well as training overall, is on track.


Now we launched the first version of our Apple Watch apps. This allows athletes with an Apple Watch to see future training sessions and conduct their training right on their Apple Watch.


2PEAK partnered with the movement app company Quevita which has developed other successful apps like running.COACH and viRACE. Along with this partnership have come several important improvements both to the web and app version of 2PEAK. This year we also improved the power component for running training with 2PEAK´s integration with stryd.


In 2021 there was a redesign and improvement of other analysis and comparison features like the advantage meter and training with sections.


Now 2PEAK is 19 years old and provides the best option for an online dynamic training plan for all types of endurance athletes. You can try all the features with a 21 day free trial. We continue to make improvements both in the apps and on the web version of 2PEAK. If there is a specific thing you would like to see developed further, please let us know at [email protected]