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2PEAK integration with Stryd

Power meters these days are synonymous with cycling training. But as many 2PEAK users already know, your running training can also benefit from accurately defined power zones. That is why 2PEAK is happy to announce you can integrate your 2PEAK training plan with the market leading running power meter Stryd.

Running training with Power

The best training is based on power. A good training plan is built around knowing your maximum sustainable power output and then creating a periodized training schedule. Your training schedule should have a variety of workouts at different percentages of your maximum power with the ultimate goal of increasing your maximum power output. Training plans from 2PEAK build your personal training plan in this way regardless of whether or not you give any specific running power input but adding more input only improves your training plan.

The market leading running power meter comes from Stryd. That is why we are happy to announce for our users that are running with a Stryd pods that there is now an integration between Stryd and 2PEAK so you can import your 2PEAK workouts to your Stryd pod.

To do this simply go log in to your Stryd power center, go to settings, and under “Export to” select 2PEAK then select yes to authorize Stryd to access your 2PEAK data as shown below.

You will now be able to see your 2PEAK workouts in Stryd and run them while monitoring power. We are still testing how this integration can help 2PEAK keep your running power zones updated and there will be more updates to come.

When you train with Stryd your critical power is automatically determined and adjusted so you will not need to adjust it manually in your 2PEAK settings. To read more about the Features on the Stryd side, click here.

2PEAK Substitution for Run Power

For our users who do not have or want a Stryd running pod to measure power, 2PEAK still has a tool to help you run at the right level by determining the maximum aerobic speed. In 2PEAK you can Test your Maximum Aerobic Speed here. Simply run an all-out 2 or 3 kilometers and mark your time. Insert your time in this tool (optionally enter heart rate and or average power in watts) and click calculate test.

2PEAK will then calculate your running training zones for recovery, basic endurance, and intervals. You can also track your performance evolution or get estimated race times in this way.