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2PEAK Smart Training

What is a 2PEAK smart training? Smart Training is meant to help you, to work on your deficits and to get you to your individual, optimal form. Here is how smart trainings work.

How a 2PEAK Smart Training Looks

All training in 2PEAK is “smart” in that it is individually adapted to you and your goals. However, if you have trained with 2PEAK for a while you will have noticed that sometimes there are the so called “smart trainings” in your plan. They look like this:

smart training web
View of a smart training in the web version of 2PEAK. This smart training is focusing on the athletes weakness of resistance and can be changed by clicking the different circles
app smart training
View of a 2PEAK smart training in the app. You can identify it is a smart training by seeing the symbol shown by the arrow. Clicking this arrow will bring up the options for the smart training.

A smart training will be shown as having multiple circles in the web version or the small icon in the app as shown above. These come up because 2PEAK has identified a specific weakness that you currently have. This smart training works on this weakness. details about where your weakness comes from is shown in the training meter.

Training Meter

The smart training shows the weakness that it has identified in the training meter. You can read more about the training meter here, or if you have been training with 2PEAK see your personal training meter here. Here is an example 2PEAK training meter:

Training Meter

The content of the training is based on what exactly your weakness is and will be in one of the three following areas.

Vo2 Max/Potential

Your Potential is comparable to the size of your “engine” – Fiat or Ferrari? –
Thee is proof that you can always improve your Vo2 max at every age.
In the case your potential is missing the target, try to execute the coming Z4 high as well as Z5 intervals as disciplined as you can and if possible add one or two of the same planned intensities as long as you can sustain them at the level prescribed.

Vo2 Max is a common measurement for endurance athletes. Read this article from our partners at runningCOACH to learn more about this.

Potential utilization

How far can you utilize your max. potential.
A well tuned Fiat beats a sloppy maintained Ferrari.
In the case your potential utilization is underwhelming and you have enough time, try to extend the duration of your endurance workouts so to spend more time in a clean Z2 (be careful not to let the intensity constantly bleed into Z3).


How long can you perform. Or, how big is your fuel tank.
In the case your potential is missing the target, try to execute the coming Z3 as well as Z4 low intervals as disciplined as you can. If possible, add one or two of the same planned intensities as long as you can sustain them at the level prescribed.

Other Smart Suggestions

Another time you might see a Smart Training in 2PEAK is when 2PEAK recommends that you do a performance test. This helps you check your fitness and shows important numbers, such as your heart rate, etc. Having a hard effort like this helps your plan adapt to you as your fitness changes. The idea and technology behind it, are the same as the ones with the recommended Smart Training in your training plan (mentioned above).

Lastly, another time you will see 2PEAK smart training is if you want to do a long jog the day before your race or a long bike ride. 2PEAK dissuades you from doing that, by putting a “race warm-up training” into your plan. This training is individually made for you. This insures that your body is as ready for the next day (race day) as you want it to be.

The smart thing about Smart Training is, that depending on what sport and distance you are training for. 2PEAK smart trainings make specific and individual recommendations to work on your deficits.


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