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3 things you didn’t know about the 2PEAK weekly schedule

The 2PEAK weekly schedule serves as the main tool for planning and managing your training time. In this article we show you 3 special features of your weekly calendar.

Like a logbook that guides you through your sports week, 2PEAK’s weekly programme allows you to organize your training time intelligently, taking into account your individual needs and priorities. Thanks to its dynamism and flexibility, you can successfully balance work, family and sport and achieve your sports goals.

How to define your training week in 2PEAK

To fully understand how this weekly calendar works, let’s explore three key features that you may not be aware of:

Flexible time management in the 2PEAK weekly schedule

In the 2PEAK weekly schedule, you can specify when you want to train and which sports you want to practice. Alternatively, you can let 2PEAK choose the most suitable discipline. What perhaps not everyone knows is that 2PEAK does not necessarily use the entire training window specified for sessions.

For example, if you set a time slot of 75 minutes on a Tuesday, this does not automatically mean that every training session in that time slot will last exactly 75 minutes. The dynamic algorithm verifies, from workout to workout, the duration of the workout. In other words, 2PEAK’s artificial intelligence calculates the ideal workout duration based on performance, recovery level and the training sessions scheduled for the week, and inserts it into the plan.

Static or dynamic training

When adding or editing a workout in 2PEAK, you can set the type of sport, time, duration and specify whether the workout should be ‘static’ or ‘dynamic’. By activating the ‘static’ option on the details page, the workout will be scheduled exactly the same every week, with no changes. This feature is particularly useful for recurring training sessions, such as those of sports clubs, or in general if you want a particular training session to remain unchanged within the plan.

Special race preparation in 2PEAK

The 2PEAK algorithm always calculates the best option for you. If you add a training in a period immediately before a competition, or before a training camp, and the plan considers it unsuitable for that specific phase, it will not appear in the plan. For example, in the weeks leading up to a cycling race, the system will suggest more cycling training than gym training. The closer you get to the main race, the less margin for deviation remains.

However, if you feel that a particular session is important to you and you wish to keep it in your weekly plan, you should select the ‘static’ option. In the browser version, sessions marked with a purple bell symbol represent a kind of ‘mandatory preparation’ for the race and do not take into account the less relevant setting phases.


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