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See Five Sources of Neck Stress when Cycling

Here are 5 reasons why your neck may hurt.

Problem zone neck

  • Muscular deficits: With weak core, back and shoulder muscles, the problem often accumulates around the neck.
  • Too abrupt start: Neck pain is also inevitable if you ride your bike very rarely or plan a longer ride at the beginning of the season.
  • Too long rides: Tours lasting several hours or even long pass rides, where the neck has to be constantly held up forward while at the same time putting strain on the arms through frequent braking, promote neck pain.
  • Cervical spine: With increasing age (in which there are many cyclists), the mobility of the cervical spine usually decreases, causing the neck muscles to contract more quickly than in younger years.
  • Special problems: Under certain circumstances, individual malpositions (difference in leg length) or specific medical problems (incipient inter-vertebral disc problems) can also make themselves felt with neck problems.

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