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The last three weeks of training before a competition

In this article, we look at the period immediately before a race and show you how we adjust training at 2PEAK during this crucial phase.

The importance of the last three weeks before a competition

The three weeks before a race are a critical time for every athlete and are considered a special phase in the training cycle. This period is crucial as it offers the last opportunity to optimally prepare the body and mind for the upcoming challenges of the competition. During this phase, the training volume is strategically reduced to avoid overtraining and to ensure that athletes reach their peak performance on race day. The fine-tuned balance between maintaining fitness and ensuring adequate recovery makes this period particularly important. By systematically reducing the load, the body is brought into a state where it can maximise recovery while effectively using the adaptations gained through training to perform at its best on race day.


Unlike in earlier phases of the training year, it is not possible to make manual adjustments to the training programme during this phase, depending on the workout. This rigid control is essential to ensure that all preparations are precisely aligned with the main goal of the competition and that external disruptions or deviations are minimised. All with the aim of optimising physical and mental fitness for the upcoming competition.

Detailed adjustments in the last three weeks before the race

The following list shows what these adjustments look like in detail:

Reduction in training volume
The total volume of training is significantly reduced in this phase – depending on the intensity and duration of the previous training periods and the nature of the upcoming competition.

Maintaining the training frequency
Despite the reduction in total volume, the frequency is maintained. However, the focus shifts to shorter, less tiring units. This serves to maintain fitness and at the same time take the strain off the body.

Intensity of the sessions
While the overall duration of the training sessions is reduced, the intensity in certain training sessions is maintained or even increased.

Technique and tactics
Technique training is not only allowed but encouraged in this particular phase of the plan and helps to get a good feel for the task ahead.

Recovery and regeneration
Increased attention is also paid to recovery and regeneration. Active recovery techniques, such as light stretching, massages or yoga, can be integrated into the daily training routine. These measures help to accelerate muscle regeneration and minimise mental strain.


The last three weeks before a competition are a crucial phase in the training cycle. During this time, carefully planned adjustments to training maximise both physical and mental readiness for the challenges ahead. By reducing the volume of training, maintaining the frequency of training and strategically increasing the intensity of certain sessions, the body is placed in an optimal state for performance and recovery.

The rigid control provided by 2PEAK in this specific phase ensures that all preparations are precisely tailored to the competition and minimises the risk of deviations that could affect performance.


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