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Why we often feel tired and weak

Tired, sluggish and unmotivated – many people often feel exhausted and powerless during the day. A feeling as if the batteries were empty. The reason: energy thieves. They lurk everywhere in everyday life and rob us of our last bit of energy.

Why we are tired

Physical fatigue can occur after little restful sleep, unaccustomed exertion or lack of exercise. It is becoming increasingly common because we live in demanding times. Energy robbers such as fast-paced life, multitasking, stress at work and an unhealthy diet also put a strain on our immune system. The pandemic with all its accompanying symptoms also drains our strength. The result: stress for our bodies, the reactions are exhaustion and fatigue. If fatigue persists for a long time, medical causes should be ruled out. But we can do something ourselves to combat “normal” fatigue – by questioning our own lifestyle habits and taking active action against energy thieves.

You are what you eat

A healthy lifestyle is important so that the body can draw new energy. Nutrition is essential: every meal should contain fruit and vegetables so that the body is supplied with sufficient amounts of valuable nutrients. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are the first choice. Proper preparation is also important: meals are best steamed rather than boiled to preserve vitamins and minerals. Sugary and fatty foods, on the other hand, should be eaten sparingly. If you like small snacks, it’s better to eat fruit and vegetables and avoid potato chips, chocolate and the like.

Utilizing other energy sources

Regular exercise can give you new energy. However, many people have little desire to exercise or hardly any time for it. The good news is that even a brisk 15-minute walk every day can be enough to recharge your inner battery. Getting enough sleep is also important. At least seven hours a night is recommended so that we have enough energy the next day. What we should pay attention to before going to bed: Turn off the TV, put the smartphone aside and engage in relaxing activities, such as taking a bath or reading. Last but not least, stop bad habits such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol. This not only promotes good health, but also contributes to more energy and a better immune system.

Why vitamins are important

Vitamins regulate several hundred processes for a functioning metabolism, for the functioning of the immune system, and much more. So vitamins are essential for life. If times are particularly demanding, sometimes a multivitamin preparation such as Supradyn® pro energy-complex with 1 tablet per day can help to recharge the batteries and support the immune system. B vitamins contribute to normal energy metabolism and reduce fatigue. Vitamins C, D and zinc to normal functioning of the immune system. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for health.

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