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Training alternatives at home

Swimming pools and the gyms are often closed. It is also currently recommended to stay home whenever possible. Therefore, we have compiled a few sports-specific exercises for your own four walls.

Alternatives for Swim Training

Lat Pull
The target muscles of this exercise are the broad back muscle (latissimus dorsi), the lower fibers of the trapezius, the  rhomboids major and minor and the posterior deltoids. If you do not have access to a fitness machine, the following two exercises can be performed as alternatives:

Partner Rows

Inverted Arm Hold Between Chairs:

Push up Variations
Push ups help develop and strengthen the chest, arm and Shoulder muscles. In the video below the exercise is demonstrated by German Olympic distance runner, Sabrina Mockenhaupt.

Pull ups

Pull ups strengthen the back, shoulder, chest and arm muscles. If no suitable bar is available at home, the exercise can be performed as follows:

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Plank with variation

Access to Gym
Of course, training is made easier if you have access to training equipment. In this case, training with a rowing machine or the SkiErg can also train the metabolism.

All this helps to maintain muscular performance. Although it is not effective as specific swim training. However, this cannot be simulated without a pool.

Exercises/Training possibilities for runners


The best / easiest way to run at home is of course if you have a treadmill . In this case the training can be taken over 1:1 from 2PEAK.

Step ups

Tip: you can add weight to this exercise to make it more efficient. This exercise trains the quadriceps and the gluteal muscle, among others.

Trampoline Jogging/Jogging in Place

Here the running movement is carried out on the spot. If the knees are additionally pulled upwards, the training effect can be intensified. This exercise can also be performed on a trampoline/mattress.


Burpees are a full body exercise. The exercise should be performed in a fluid movement and is a mixture of a squat, push up and  jump.

Jump Rope

A jump rope is an ideal device to train strength, endurance, coordination and speed.

Alternatives to bike training outdoors

Indoor Trainer

Even though the indoor trainer was originally designed more for the health sector, indoor trainers now allow for a targeted training.
You can find more information here.