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Plan adjustment for cancelled / postponed competitions

Currently, everyday life for most people is being shaken up. Depending on the country or region, the security measures taken affect daily life in different ways. One common measure taken is most countries have canceled or postponed all competitions in the near future. But what does this mean for your training and your training schedule? Here you will find help to adjust your training plan.


How do I adjust my training plan?

The first half of the competition season falls victim to the virus. So now is a good time to think about the settings and direction of your personal training plan. This is currently only true if you planned your main competition in the first half of the season. If your training plan is scheduled for the second half of the season anyway, the settings can be left as they are at the moment.

But if it is already certain that your main competition will be postponed or cancelled, then there is a need for action depending on your own preferences. If you want to move the date, you can enter the new date in the settings (“Goals” -> “Competitions & Goals”) and have the schedule recalculated afterwards (we are also very grateful if you help to keep the competition database up to date – more about this here).

If your main competition is cancelled, it might be helpful for the training motivation to find a new target competition for the second half of the season and define it as the new basis for the calculation. Alternatively, your fitness can be extended to the actual date of the cancelled competition. To do this, you will go through all phases of the preparation despite the missing competition (you can of course simulate this competition on your own despite the cancellation) and then start a new build-up phase to the next target.

Another option is that you don’t enter a “substitute competition” and let the plan be calculated without a target competition. With this method 2PEAK will automatically place you in the “Prevent Training” mode where you will be saved from losing your form. This will not take you to top form on day X, but it will give the plan more freedom in training design which will have a positive effect on your overall fitness.

We are also working hard on a feature that will allow you to complete your planned target competition despite cancellation. Not on site and not with direct contact to the opponent, but still outside and in competition mode. Stay tuned!