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Adding Races in 2PEAK

Your individual and dynamic training plan revolves around your goals and planned competitions. Based on this competition planning framework, the daily training programme is created and continuously developed according to your performance and progress. A sensible planning of the main and preparatory competitions is therefore of great importance. The following article describes how these can be entered into the system – always with the goal of making your training as optimal as possible.

When planning your individual training plan, the focus is on your goals and planned competitions. It is important to consider when and where you want to be at your best. This form can usually be maintained for 4-6 weeks. In order to be successful in competitions which are far apart in time, a two-part periodisation is recommended. This means, for example, that you aim for your first seasonal peak in spring and, after a recovery break in mid-summer, set the second peak in late summer or autumnn

The different competition priorities

The choice of priority is of great importance, as the training plan will focus the build-up of form and training on your main competition. Only main and preparatory races actively influence the plan, training competitions are treated as training.

Main race (MR)
This is the day 2PEAK will plan your best form towards. The MR are the anchor points of the periodisation. In addition to the specific basic and form build-up, the plan switches very specifically to optimising form four weeks before the event. After the event, there is a similarly long post-event phase. Main competitions should be dosed sparingly. 1-2 per season are sufficient.

B-race (BR)
Important competitions, but with lower priority than the MR. BR are prepared 4 days before and 2 days after. They are suitable for races following the main competition or at least 4 weeks before the main competition – in order not to disturb the build-up to the MR.

Training race (TR)
The name says it all: TR are for (intensive) training under competition conditions and do not change the structure of the training schedule. The days on which training competitions are planned are treated by the plan as normal training days. Best performances are not excluded here either, but they are not the primary goal.

During the specific pre-/post-preparation phases (4 weeks before and 2 weeks after a main competition), the personal time targets (weekly planning) cannot be taken into account as this could jeopardise important elements of the immediate competition preparation. The same applies to preparatory competitions – if such a competition is planned into this specific phase, a warning appears that it could negatively influence the optimal preparation for the main competition.

For more information on the importance of the different priority levels and how to plan your race calendar, click here.

How to plan your race

Your race planning should be coordinated with your training structure. Start by determining your first main race and recalculate the plan accordingly. Pay attention to the intensity distribution and preferably place training races in the intensity phases before the race. Then you can strategically insert the B-competitions. It is best to plan training camps at least six weeks before the main competition. You can strengthen the endurance phases by extending weekends by one training day.

2PEAK plans your training schedule optimally, but the quality also depends on your specifications. You can optimise your seasonal planning by wisely planning training days and competitions and by cleverly placing training camps. The dynamic training plan flexibly adapts to deviations and keeps you on track.

Add races to your schedule


Adding a race in the iOS or Android app is easy.

To add a competition in the 2PEAK app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner and then click on the trophy icon.
  2. Click on “Add race” and search for your favourite race. You can also filter by year and sport, or add a race manually. A window with the race details will be displayed. Adjust the parameters if necessary.


    IMPORTANT: Remember to select “Priority” if it is your main competition, a B-competition or a training event.

  3. Confirm by clicking on “Add race”.


On the website you can access the competition menu in the logged-in area under the button “Goals” and the chapter ” Races and goals”. In this section you will find an overview of already planned competitions and you have the option to add new competitions.


Start the process by filling in the form. The first step is to select the desired sport.

Then enter the name of the competition. Our 2PEAK database contains many events worldwide. If the event you have selected is in our database, you can easily fill in the rest of the information automatically by clicking on the event in the drop-down menu.

Click on “add” after you have entered all the information.

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