2PEAK Functions Knowledge Base

How to move or swap workouts

“How can I swap my workout for today with the one planned for Tuesday? It’s raining and cold today, while the sun will be out on Tuesday”.

This is what you have to know from a physiological perspective

Swapping or trading implies that you exchange items at the same value. But the value of a single workout in the real world, which is the world that 2PEAK depicts with its AI, is dynamic.

Consider first that the planned training load for today, is most probably not the same as tomorrow or Tuesday but even more importantly, your recovery will be different as every single moment on the time axis of your training corresponds to a precise recovery status based on your personal situation.

It depends on what other loads you had in your training and/or life up to that point and by what is ideally planned in the future in order to attain your goal. There is always only one optimal training load at any given point in time and 2PEAK calculates this for you and your personal situation precisely every time.

So the way to do this in your app or on the web is by clicking the cog icon next to your training today and edit your options which will recalculate your plan and give you your ideal workout with your ideal load. Do the same for your planned workout on Tuesday or any other day.