Long Term Health Impacts of Sticking to a Training Plan

Health is on everyone’s mid right now and for a good reason. Fortunately, an important part of your health lies entirely within your control. It is common knowledge that staying active keeps you healthy and helps fight against obesity, heart disease, diabetes etc. but exactly how much does it help? A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine explains.

The value of maintaining a training program

In a multiple year study of over 10,000 men the benefits of maintaining moderate to vigorous sport activities became very clear. The results showed that other than quitting smoking, starting an maintaining a vigorous exercise program was the best way to reduce risk of death. The results were as follows:

Level of activity Decreased Mortality Risk compared to inactive people
Always sedentary 0%
Always active 29%
Started late and maintained activity 23%
Active earlier in life and became sedentary -15%

interesting is that people that were not able to maintain exercise in their middle ages did not see the life expectancy benefits of those that did even if they were active when they were younger. The results of this study add to the mountain of evidence that show that it is a good idea to start and importantly keep training.

How to Stay Active

2PEAK makes it easy to start and maintain a healthy training program. People who train with a structured program are more likely to stay consistent and take advantage of all of these health benefits. A 2PEAK training plan helps you in the following ways:

Have structure – A structured plan based on periodized training will ensure you get enough exercise and recovery to stay injury free and happy.

Fit it to your life – time constraints are a big problem but with 2PEAK you can change or move workouts as you need and our smart algorithms will adjust your plan to ensure you have the correct load and recovery.

Setting and achieving goals – People are motivated by goals and 2PEAK makes it easy to define your personal goals and then designs your training in the best way to achieve your goals.

Tracking progress – With the automatic workout analysis you can see in depth details for all of your workouts and with your past training log you will notices the changes.

Multisport functionality – Being able to add variety to your training with a large variety of sports will make training more fun, decrease injury risk, and keep you on track.

There are many more reasons that training with 2peak. you can read one of our many testimonials from other athletes.  now more than ever it is important to stay healthy and 2PEAK can help you. start your free 21 day trial today here.