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The Importance of Statistics in Training

Sport is not only about physical effort and mental strength, but also about the clever use of data and statistics to improve performance. Statistics are more than just numbers on a sheet; they are the compass that guides athletes on their way to the peak. In this blog post, we take a look at how exactly training statistics can be used at 2PEAK to get the most out of your training.

The importance of statistics in training

Statistics are the cornerstone of every step towards personal best performance. Through careful analysis of this data, athletes and coaches get a clear picture of what works, what needs improvement, and what the next steps should look like. Statistics serve not only for performance measurement, but also as a crucial tool for optimizing the training process.

These numbers and analyses offer the opportunity to view training not as a series of random activities but as a well-thought-out, strategic process. They enable an objective assessment of progress and are thus an indispensable instrument for anyone aiming to achieve their athletic goals. The following sections shed light on how 2PEAK utilizes these insights (Smart Training, Training Meter, Critical Power, and segmentation into training zones).

2PEAK App – the statistics page

The Role of Critical Power at 2PEAK

Critical Power is a key concept at 2PEAK used to evaluate and define training zones. It defines the maximum power an athlete can sustain over a longer period and serves as an indicator for the boundary between the body’s different energy systems. This limit marks the ability to maintain high intensity before fatigue sets in and is based on the relationship between power and time.

2PEAK utilizes Critical Power to create personalized training plans and zones for athletes. By analyzing historical data from platforms like Garmin or Strava, 2PEAK generates a power curve reflecting an athlete’s individual Critical Power. This allows for targeted training design where progress is measurable, and training zones are precisely tailored to the needs of each individual.

The Training Meter: your navigation aid at 2PEAK

2PEAK’s Training Meter provides clear insights into your training performance, focusing on VO2max, fatigue resistance, and exploitation. Based on the last 60 days, it shows whether and how your training can be optimized in line with your goals. A low Dirty Training Index signals targeted training.

Dirty Training Index: Reflects the training discipline and shows how well the specified training zones were adhered to. Workouts with constantly fluctuating intensities – recognizable by a wildly jagged ride log after the upload – increase the Dirty Training Index.

By visualizing the ideal vs. current training load in these key areas, the meter immediately identifies any need for adjustment. It provides specific recommendations to address any deficits and supports focused improvement of your performance through a visual target indicator.

Smart Training: transforming weaknesses into strengths

After the Training Meter has highlighted your strengths and areas for improvement, 2PEAK’s Smart Training seamlessly integrates these insights into targeted training plans. It is specifically designed to advance you in the identified areas – Vo2Max/Potential, exploitation, and fatigue resistance.

  • Vo2 Max/Potential: Increase your maximum endurance performance through individually tailored interval training.
  • Exploitation: Optimize how effectively you utilize your performance potential.
  • Fatigue Resistance: Improve your ability to sustain high performance for longer periods.

Smart Training adapts to your specific needs, offering not only regular training sessions but also specific suggestions such as performance tests or warm-up exercises before competitions. This personalized approach ensures that you work on your weaknesses in a targeted manner and work more efficiently towards your goals.


In the world of sports, the use of data and statistics is more than just a method of performance measurement; it is the roadmap to optimizing training and ultimately achieving peak performance. 2PEAK harnesses the power of this data to personalize and adjust training plans, profoundly influencing both the quantity and quality of training.

By employing tools like Critical Power, Training Meter, and Smart Training, 2PEAK enables precise analysis of training performance and targeted planning. These elements work together to adjust the manageable training load based on real performance data, ensuring that training is tailored not only quantitatively but also qualitatively to the individual needs of each athlete.


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