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Training zones and their calculation in 2PEAK

Training zones describe the different intensity ranges in which you can train to achieve specific fitness goals. It is important to know your training zones in order to optimally design your training. In this article, we look at the concept of training zones and how they are calculated in 2PEAK.

What is a training zone?

A training zone is an intensity range, defined by an upper and lower limit, that determines at what intensity a workout should be performed. Zones are typically defined using measures such as heart rate, power (in watts) or speed.

Training in different zones is important because it produces different effects on the body, making possible a holistic and complete workout. Each training zone has a different objective and trains specific physical abilities.

In 2PEAK, the training zones are defined as follows:

  • Z5 – Power zone (maximum intensity): Improve your VO2max potential. Perform these workouts at maximum intensity.
  • Z4 – Threshold zone (high intensity): Anaerobic threshold area. Improves ‘race endurance’.
  • Z3 – Upper endurance zone (medium-high intensity): Tempo-training in Z3 improves overall endurance and helps to maintain a fast pace for longer periods of time.
  • Z2 – Basic endurance zone (medium-low intensity): This is the basic intensity of any workout and the level at which warm-up and cool-down are performed.
  • Z1 – Compensation/recovery zone (minimum intensity – very light): Training in Z1 promotes active recovery.

How are my personal training zones defined?

One way to determine your training zones is to perform a performance test. You can enter the test result in the 2PEAK settings and have the individual zones calculated. To learn more about the various sport-specific performance tests, click here:


It is also possible to roughly estimate performance zones based on maximum heart rate. Both the performance test result and maximum heart rate can be stored here in order to recalculate the training zones and thus the training plan.

Automatic determination of training zones with 2PEAK

The 2PEAK algorithm constantly monitors and updates the performance zones based on training and competition outputs. In this way, the zones always reflect the current fitness.

The prerequisite for automatic calculation of training zones in 2PEAK is that at least 15 files with performance data have been uploaded in the last 90 days. Of course, after a new registration, data from the past (e.g. through a connection with Strava or Garmin) can be used to perform the calculation.

The automatic calculation of training zones must be activated in 2PEAK, otherwise performance test results will always be used for calculation!

How to activate automatic calculation of training zones

Click on your user name in the login area and then on ‘My Settings’. Then click on “2PEAK System Settings” → Change.

Here you can activate the automatic calculation and specify whether it should be based on power (watts), heart rate or speed (running).

For more on this topic, click here:


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