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Automatic Running Training Zones

2PEAK has a feature to automatically adjust your running training zones. Whether you train by speed, heart rate, or some other metric your training zones are individual to you and constantly changing based on your fitness. Now 2PEAK can automatically adjust your training zones based on your personal training.

2PEAK Training Zones

2PEAK training plans use the standard 5 zone system and training. You see each training session shown based on these zones. An example of how training zones are displayed for a workout and their definition is shown below.


These zones are significantly different for each individual and are also constantly changing based on your current fitness level. The most effective training is done in the zones specific to you. Since your body is constantly changing from training it is best to constantly reassess where your training zones are but now 2PEAK will do this for you.

How it works

You can activate and deactivate this new feature now in your 2PEAK settings. Go to My Settings > 2PEAK System Settings >  Let 2PEAK auto-calculate my training zones (Running) and check the box

When activated, 2PEAK will use your running data to determine your power zones, calculating your critical speed, critical power and critical heart rate. This will be adjusted as your data changes.

The requirement for this calculation is, that you have logged at least 15 running files within the last 90 days. Please note that even if you register today, we will pull 90 days of training history from Garmin or Strava or 30 from Coros if connected. Unfortunately we cannot do that from other Platforms. In the case you use another platform and still want to take advantage of this feature now, you would have to upload your data manually.

Please also note, that we can only determine usable data if you have either produced max efforts in between 2 and 15 minutes and/or you executed several intervals of said duration as per 2PEAK´s planning.

Please contact support, should you see values that are not plausible despite what we described above.