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2PEAK Looks in to Sebastian Kienle 100K Results

2PEAK partner Sebastian Kienle wins the Social Distance Race Series 100K cycling race with his effort on Friday, May 8th of 2020.

100K Statistics

Kienle finished the 100k in just over 2:18 with an average speed of 43.16 and a max speed of 61.09 kph. A crazy fast time but what makes this even more impressive is this is not an all out kind of effort for him.

“I’m not going to go as fast as possible, but I am just going to try and go a bit over 40 kph.”

As a triathlete, Kienle is an expert at not going over the limit on the bike as we noted is essential in our data analysis of Kona athletes. A closer look at Kienle’s data shows that he probably could have gone MUCH faster.

Heart rate data during Kienle´s 100K effort

To be able to produce a time like this without ever going into a zone 4 heart rate shows a really impressive level of fitness. Check out the full results of the Social distance Race Series 100K with interactive graphs of Kienle’s data here.