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Staying Motivated Through COVID-19

Your normal life and routine have completely changed. Your group or club workouts are canceled, gyms are closed, pools are closed, you are not allowed to meet with your training partners, and all the races you had planned are not occurring as usual with no clear answer to when normal racing will resume. However, this time will end and there are a few tricks to keep your focus and come out on the other side a better athlete.

Set New Goals

Most endurance athletes had their main race this year canceled. This might mean your goal to get a new PR in this race has become unreachable, but there are plenty of other things you can achieve. Professional athletes are showing us this on a regular basis whether it is breaking records on a treadmill, completing an Ironman distance triathlon in your house, 12-hour indoor cycling rides, or rewriting the tops of some of the hardest Strava segment leader boards. Let´s take a page from these professionals’ book and get creative with our goals during this time.

Some examples of good goals might include:

  • Join a virtual race in our Social distance Racing Series
  • Set a solo 5K personal record on a track
  • Break X number of Strava segment personal records
  • Improve technique
  • Regularly complete a new core exercise routine

Be creative there are endless possibilities unique to your situation

Work on a Weakness

A great way to stay motivated and come out of this a better athlete is to change training up and work on a weakness. For example, a goal could be “I am going to spend this time to become a better climber and make sure I have X amount of elevation gain in my training each week.” It could be as simple as improving your flexibility. If you improve a weakness during this unique time, when racing resumes you will be a better athlete. Whatever you have identified as an area your not particularly strong in but could be fun to train, go for it!

Focus on What is Possible

It is easy to dwell on what you cannot do and wallow in self-pity but try instead to focus on what you can do. You may not be able to train with your regular partners but at least you can do things on your own. Remember the last time you were forced to take an injury break? If you are healthy and able to at least train alone, things are actually pretty good.

Take the Rest You Need

This should always be in your mind while training but endurance athletes as a group have a habit of overtraining. Listen to your body and allow yourself to take a day off and do other things. now it is easier to take a guilt free rest day but be sure not to go to far. Remember your regular daily life along with races and training will return soon enough. Staying on your training with 2PEAK will help you be ready.