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5 Reasons to Follow a Training Plan

There are several aspects of a well organized training plan that make it a good training plan and following one will help you achieve your goals no matter how modest or ambitious they are. But why is this the case? Here are some of the best reasons to follow a training plan.

Why is following a training plan important?

There are endless reasons to get off the couch and get in a training session. Consistently training improves your physical and mental health, increase your self confidence, reduce stress and help you achieve goals. Weather your goal is to set a new personal best time, beat your competitors, loosing weight, improving your health, maintaining your current fitness, or just having fun, training is how you can reach your goal. But what separates people who achieve their goal from those who give up and fall in to bad habits? A well structured, organized, but flexible training plan.

1. Precise Guidance

How long should I train and at what intensity? Should I try an interval session? If so, How should the interval session be structured? The questions are endless when you want to make sure you are getting the best from your training and filtering through all the available data and advice to find what is right for you can be cumbersome.

A good individualized training plan has is based on the best sports science, personalized to you, and can tell you exactly what to do when to get the best results. This reduces the time you have to spend thinking about training. It also prevents any mistakes of going too hard or not hard enough. You know exactly what you should do each day of the week.

2. Provides Accountability

No matter what your goal is, consistency is key. There is something about having a specific plan written down each week that helps motivate athletes and keep them accountable. You are more likely to stick to a training routine if you are following an organized plan. While the best plans are flexible and can adapt when things come up, having a structured plan will create some subconscious accountability to keep you consistent.

3. Recovery

The biggest mistake people training without a plan make is not recognizing the importance of recovery. Hard sessions are very important and not having any hard days is just as bad but the real improvements come in recovery. When you follow a training plan you will get the proper amount of recovery to improve and be ready for your next hard session.

4. Variety

If you are training on a regular basis without a structured plan, it is easy to fall in to a routine without any variety. This can be boring and lead to you abandoning training all together. You will improve more when your are constantly hitting new stimuli. A structured plan will be slightly different each week. The best plans follow are Periodization methods. This not only keeps you from being bored, but also insures you are reaching your full potential.

5. Shows Progress

When you have a structured plan, you can see the change in the workouts as you progress. But perhaps more importantly, you have a log of everything you have done. Looking back on this log and recognizing that you did a similar workout today as a month ago, but today it went much better, can really help motivate you.

How to start?

Once you decide you want to bring your training to the next level with a high tech smart training plan, it is easy to get started. The best training plans are based scientific but also personal and dynamic you can read more about why 2PEAK training plans will help you acheive your goals here.

2PEAK can make a plan for you if you are a beginner endurance athlete or at a professional level. Just go to the or download the app on ios or android, fill out some data about you goal(s) and current fitness level, and 2PEAK will develop a dynamic plan just for you. As you train and upload each session, 2PEAK learns more about you and you plan adapts to your specific needs.