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Aqua jogging, also known as Deep Water Running is a super winter and injury alternative for runners. One thing to consider is coordination with running workouts.

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Temporary Load Reduction

Whether it is illness, injury or just a break from training, every athlete, no matter how committed, is sometimes forced to take time out from training. A temporary load reduction is sometimes necessary. What do you do when you have to take a break and how does that affect your training?

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How can taping be beneficial?

Tapes are a good complement to other therapies. Be it for pain relief, to improve movement patterns or for muscle relaxation.
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Painkiller use in cyclists and triathletes: a health risk that should not be underestimated

Quite a few athletes take painkillers either to suppress existing pain or as a preventive measure to avoid feeling pain during a competition. However, uncontrolled use poses a significant health risk.

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What to consider when returning to training after a long injury break

An injury during a preparation or competition phase can severely disrupt the course of the season and lead to a significant reduction in physical performance. The longer the rest phase lasts, the more time must be invested in reconstruction. However, once the physical and psychological setback has been overcome, many positive aspects of the development can be gained.