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Cycling tempo training

Cycling is not quite as easy as it seems. That’s precisely why an increase in speed can be achieved with a few targeted exercises and forms of training.

FIT for LIFE Knowledge Base Swimming

7 key points in swimming

Swimming efficiently is like a jigsaw puzzle; only when each piece is in its proper place is the whole picture correct. We present seven key points and 20 technical exercises for freestyle swimming.

FIT for LIFE Knowledge Base Recovery

Correct Amount of Recovery

How quickly the various systems in the body recover completely after a workout or competition varies greatly from individual to individual. Here are the factors you need to consider to get the correct amount of recovery in training.

FIT for LIFE Knowledge Base

What clothing protects against sunburn?

Effective sun protection is essential for endurance athletes. But how safe are sports clothes?

FIT for LIFE Nutrition

Nutrition for Recovery

The foundation of successful training is a well-balanced combination of stress and recovery. Both can be influenced by nutrition.

FIT for LIFE Injury Knowledge Base


Aqua jogging, also known as Deep Water Running is a super winter and injury alternative for runners. One thing to consider is coordination with running workouts.

FIT for LIFE Knowledge Base Strength Training

What does “functional training” mean in endurance sports?

Following the triumph of “functional training” in the fitness scene, the term has once again become a topic of conversation, not least due to the Corona pandemic. But what does “functional training” mean – and what can endurance athletes learn from it?

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Springtime Lethargy – what to do?

With the longer days, typical springtime fatigue often makes itself felt from mid-March to mid-April.

FIT for LIFE Knowledge Base Triathlon

Base Training in Triathlon

Base training means so much more than working at the base. But what does that mean and how can it be implemented correctly? Tips from ex-professional triathlete Ronnie Schildknecht.

FIT for LIFE Knowledge Base Nutrition

Nutrition during intense endurance exercise

Performance during a long physical effort is dependent not only on your training regimen, but also on whether or not you eat right.