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Shoulder Strength Exercises

The article focuses on exercises to strengthen the shoulders, with a special focus on swimmers and triathletes. The explanatory videos included will provide practical demonstrations of targeted exercises to improve shoulder strength and endurance, essential for performance in the water.

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Indoor Training: 5 Methods to Strengthen Key Muscles

Indoor training can be an essential part of an endurance athlete’s training program. In this article, we will explore five effective methods to train key muscles intended for cycling, running and cross-country skiing.

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Keeping Fit in the Low Season: Strategies for Triathletes and Cyclists

With the arrival of November and December, many endurance athletes are about to take a much-needed and well-deserved rest after a busy season of training and racing. It is essential to allow the body to regenerate without, however, completely compromising the fitness gained in the previous months. We explore alternative training approaches in triathlon and cycling to maintain physical condition during the off-season.

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Plateau Effect: 7 Ways to Overcome Training Stagnation in Endurance Sports

You train constantly, follow your training plan and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but suddenly you feel like you are no longer progressing in your running, cycling or triathlon training. This situation can be frustrating, but this is a natural phenomenon in the world of sports. All endurance athletes, from beginners to professionals, experience sooner or later a phase of stagnation in their training, also known as the ‘Plateau Effect’. Here are seven effective strategies to overcome this annoying stall in your performance.

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Strength training in endurance sports: how 2PEAK plans it in your schedule

Strength training can improve physical performance through targeted exercises on the muscles. Endurance training is complemented and supplemented by regular strength training, which increases performance levels and reduces the risk of injury. In this article, we examine the benefits of strength training in endurance sports and show you where to find suitable exercises.

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7 Reasons to Run on a Treadmill

Not everyone enjoys indoor training, even though treadmill running has many advantages. Here are 7 reasons to run indoors during the colder months.

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Base Training in Endurance Sports

For endurance athletes, the winter season usually coincides with the so-called ‘base training’ phase. During this period, we work on the foundations of training in view of the planned main competition. In this article we describe what base training is, why it plays a key role in athletic preparation and how it is integrated by 2PEAK into the training plan.

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Strength training on the bike

Do you love cycling, want more strength in your legs, but don’t feel like lifting weights in the weight room? Then try low cadence for your next bike workout.

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Strength Training for Cyclists and Triathletes

Strength training is an excellent complement to endurance sports. Cyclists and triathletes now recognise that it is a fundamental part of training. Here we explain how to set up an effective strength training programme for cyclists and triathletes.

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What does “functional training” mean in endurance sports?

Following the triumph of “functional training” in the fitness scene, the term has once again become a topic of conversation, not least due to the Corona pandemic. But what does “functional training” mean – and what can endurance athletes learn from it?