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Social Distance Race Series

The official measures required by the corona virus regarding social distancing currently make participation in competitions impossible. However, regular exercise and training are still recommended by experts. We know from experience how difficult it is to stay motivated for daily training when the clear training goal is missing. For this reason we at 2PEAK have created the “Social Distance Race Series”.

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Adding Races in 2PEAK

Your individual and dynamic training plan revolves around your goals and planned competitions. Based on this competition planning framework, the daily training programme is created and continuously developed according to your performance and progress. A sensible planning of the main and preparatory competitions is therefore of great importance. The following article describes how these can be entered into the system – always with the goal of making your training as optimal as possible.

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Race Recovery

After a race there’s always two aspects to be analysed. How is your body (physical aspect) and how’s the head (psychological aspect) dealing with the ups and downs and the fight with ourselves? It’s normal and a good stimulus for us to not always be 100% happy with how a race went. Because there’s always at least one thing that could be optimised. Important is, that we can use this to learn and improve ourselves for the next big day.

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Nutrition before a Race

Preparing for a race traditionally involves a pasta party. We show you the effects this has on your body and the alternatives for optimal nutrition before and during a race.

Competition Knowledge Base Recovery

Peaking & Tapering in endurance sports

Finding the right balance for optimal race preparation is an art. Find out in this article the basics to be in top shape on day X.