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Cold Weather Training

The greater the obstacle, the greater the satisfaction – that’s the simple equation of winter training. Exercise never makes you as happy as when you can step into a hot shower with flushed cheeks after a long training session in the cold. Get out of the warm room – you won’t regret it! From a medical point of view, there is also no reason to stop doing outdoor endurance sports in winter. However, cold, snow, icy wind or slush require certain behavioral measures so that exercising is really fun.
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Benefits of Carbon Shoes

Everyone is still talking about carbon shoes. What are the benefits of carbon shoes for me as a 2-h half marathon runner?

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How should you taper for a race?

Months of hard training are done and it is now only a couple weeks from the day of your main goal race. It is time to relax so you are fresh on race day. This is known as a taper. But what is tapering and why and how should you taper for a race?

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Painkiller use in cyclists and triathletes: A health risk that should not be underestimated

Quite a few athletes take painkillers either to suppress existing pain or as a preventive measure to avoid feeling pain during a competition. However, uncontrolled use poses a significant health risk.

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Principles of a balanced and healthy diet

Most people are familiar with the basic rules of a healthy diet. However many people only partially follow these rules daily. Here are the most important points.

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Training with Multiple Sports

Training a variety of different sports can improve your overall health and individual performance. Incorporating a wider variety of movement patterns in your training is proven to be beneficial, but how exactly should you do this? The 2PEAK multisport function can help optimize your training in multiple sports.

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The long run: what hobby runners should pay attention to

The long run is the foundation of running training for all runners. The fastest runners run their long endurance runs at a quick pace. But only experienced athletes should copy the best; for everyone else, the long run is long and slow.

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Biking Technique

Only when you feel safe on your mountain bike can you enjoy biking. That’s why technical exercises are a crucial factor: you can ride more challenging tours, and in the race you save valuable seconds. The following exercises will help you develop the technical skills to ride safely and confidently.

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What your resting heart rate tells you about your fitness level

Overtraining, stress, infection or cardiac arrhythmia – your resting heart rate can provide the first clues. That’s why it makes sense to understand your resting heart rate.

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2PEAK Smart Training

What is a 2PEAK smart training? Smart Training is meant to help you, to work on your deficits and to get you to your individual, optimal form. Here is how smart trainings work.