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Explanation of Training Zones

What is Zone 2, Zone 5 and what is the difference? Training based on your individual training zones can be confusing due to all the terminology and different definitions of what exactly each zone means. Here is an explanation of training zones in 2PEAK and why they are important in training.

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Automatic Running Training Zones

2PEAK now has a new feature to automatically adjust your running training zones. Whether you train by speed, heart rate, or some other metric your training zones are individual to you and constantly changing based on your fitness. Now 2PEAK can automatically adjust your training zones based on your personal training.

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Do’s & Don’ts for Indoor Cycling Platforms

Indoor cycling and game platforms like Zwift come hand in hand these days. It makes training more fun and can be a valuable tool for all kinds of cyclists. They even have programed workouts and “plans” to increase FTP etc. Here we explain how to best use these platforms in training.

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2PEAK Nutrition Plan Guide

The 2PEAK nutrition plan shows you the ideal amount and composition of your meals in the daily view of the calendar. Input variables for the planning are your typical meal times, your base energy metabolic rate, which 2PEAK calculates based on your information, and the additional energy metabolic rate due to the planned training sessions. The 2PEAK approach lets you recover faster from training stress, making you more efficient for the next workout and keeps you properly balanced.

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Running is more than “just” running

Running is an extremely efficient and simple sport. Tie your shoes and off you go, anywhere and anytime. But simplicity also has its pitfalls. If you enjoy running, you will run more often, further and faster. But if you “only” run, sooner or later you’ll end up with overuse problems. Therefore, you should look at running like a house that you constantly maintain, renovate, and also expand so that it lasts in the long run. Ten points that make a complete runner.

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Automatic Cycling Power Zones

2PEAK is rolling out a beta version of our new feature to automatically adjust your cycling power zones.  When you opt in to this feature in your settings, your training zones will constantly be adjusted based on your workouts automatically. 

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Outdoor Cycling in Winter

Most people live in an area where the weather can prevent cyclists from riding part of the year. Bad weather, limited sunlight and poor road conditions can force cyclists inside. However it is possible to stay active outside in the winter and here are some of the important things to consider to overcome the conditions.

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Outdoor Training in Inclement Weather

How sensible is it to go running in wet weather conditions and sub-zero temperatures?


Long Term Health Impacts of Sticking to a Training Plan

Health is on everyone’s mid right now and for a good reason. Fortunately, an important part of your health lies entirely within your control. It is common knowledge that staying active keeps you healthy and helps fight against obesity, heart disease, diabetes etc. but exactly how much does it help? A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine explains.

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Sport and Body Weight

Whether an endurance athlete can perform well is also a question of physique and weight. How much more power does a low body weight bring?